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Natural Wine: The Hangover Cure?

Ever wake up from a night of drinking with a pounding headache and a sense of remorse? Well, maybe instead of picking up that on offer, cheap deal from the local off-license, you could benefit from sampling a natural wine instead.


Recently, there’s been a growing market for casual drinkers who’d like to socialise at night and still be able to go about their regular business in the day. With promises of a clear head and a guilt-free tipple circulating around the wine community, what is behind their unique properties?


The answer is simple: no unnatural additives.


We have all been partial to picking up a little cheap bottle on the fly without thinking of the ramifications to our body and overall health but with natural wine, you can sip away safe in the knowledge that you’re not damaging yourself with unseen dangers.


Uncork a bottle of natural wine and instantly you’ll be able to recognise the qualities which were intended by the very first wine producers. A simple, earthy body which grows on you with every sip with none of the toxicity of additives.


Now, contrast it with the uncorking of a regular, bottom-shelf bottle and you’ll instantly be able to tell there are so many unnecessary additives purely for the sake of a longer shelf life. The aromas and colouring are all added later and are no good to your body whatsoever.


Even though only recently have natural wines found their flourish, they’ve been around since the turn of the millennium as a direct response to the mass-produced, loveless fare that had flooded the supermarkets since the chain shops started making their mark on the high street.


The experts who backed natural wines opted for simplicity when first bottling their new brand of tipple with as little as the yeast from the specially-sourced grape being applied to the overall flavours. No additives, no oxidants, no nonsense.


All of this isn’t to say that you will be completely hangover-free come the morning after however. The sulphur dioxide present in your standard wine during fermentation is known to inoculate vitamin B1: an essential substance to help your hydration.


As the main factor for a hangover, dehydration from drinking is common as it starves the brain of the chemicals it needs. Although less common in natural wines, if you’re downing bottle after bottle of this pioneering drink then you will still invariably be feeling the effects come your morning alarm.

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