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IMAGE French Wine
France has a long a fruitful history with wine, going back as far as its Greek colonization it has been a massive area for wine production.
France produces between 50 million and 60 million hectoliters per year, that’s 7-8 million bottles, and as a whole has the world’s second-largest total vineyard area, behind Spain, and is the largest producer of wine. France is now at the fo...
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IMAGE Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand White Wine
A wine from New ZealandYes. A wine from New Zealand. Although this country in particular is famous for many things, notably the Kiwi, it is not well renowned for its wine; which is quite understandable. There were basically no grape vines planted in New Zealand until the 1970s, which means they are a very new country in terms of wine making and product development in comparison to the main exporte...
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IMAGE Bordeaux French Wine
France is one of the main countries that produces wine, starting from the farming of vineyards, to the process of turning grapes into wine. They are also one of the main exporters of wine, along with Italy and Spain in the world. These countries are well set up to facilitate the wine making process from start to finish due to their fertile land, suitable weather conditions and passion towards succ...
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