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Wine and food pairings Italian white wine

Wine and food pairings are considered very important. Though many argue it is simply a personal choice decided by taste preferences and habits, it’s wise to have a good idea of what the experts and frequent wine drinkers from all around the world have to say about pairings.

If not already, you’ll soon figure out what goes as your tongue has its own idea about what goes with what. If you’re starting out, read some advice such as this and then jump right in and experiment, trust your judgement so you can eat, drink and enjoy.

Typically, you’ll want to drink light-to-dark that will allow you to plan a meal. You should start with delicate food and wine, which makes champagne a great choice. An Italian white wine or French for that cause would accompany a salads and lighter dishes, while red wine works very well with heavier foods, such as steak and heavier meat sauces. A typical dessert wine may be something such as port, as it accompanies sweet, cakes etc.

Italy is known as one of the oldest wine growing regions in history and produces a variety of wines, making it the second largest region for growing in the world. Throughout Italy there are no fewer than twenty famous wine growing regions known for their excellent vineyards. Some of the best white wines in the world originate in Italy with such variants as Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Moscato.

The growing conditions in Italy are superb, allowing a range of flavours and levels – from light medium to full body. Italian white wines are known to come from sparking and sweet to smooth and fruity, meaning there is something for everyone when it comes to choosing an Italian white wine.

While white wines are incredibly satisfying, you’ll want to consider other types to try with other food types. Light meals, appetisers, pastas and white meat dishes will compliment your choice of white wine.

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