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What is in Your Glass Natural Wines Background

The term “natural wine” is beloved by all those in the natural wine making community. This is due to the term being true to the natural wine making process; naturally fermented wines, grown completely free from any form of chemical interference or unnecessary additions. But more importantly, nothing has been taken away from the wine.

Many natural wines claim to be free from sulphites; however, sulphites occur naturally during the fermentation process and are no cause for alarm. When people first come across the term “natural wine”, they will often jump to their own conclusion. Here we will look into the history of natural wine and what makes it so good for us all.

The debate about what constitutes a wine as natural has, in fact, been going on for many centuries now. It may be surprising to know that the debate has been consistently the same throughout each century, with a discussion raging about the differences between natural wines and wines that have been tampered with.

The earliest references to natural wines have been seen as far back as the 17th century in France, discussing the fermentation process throughout Europe. It is truly fascinating to see references to the term “natural wine” so far back in history. The context in which this can be read is incredibly interesting; discussing the best way to make natural wines and expressing a firm disapproval of the English wine making techniques, with the French preferring the taste of the more common “natural wines”.

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