Welcome to the Wine Merchant Directory

Welcome to the Wine Merchant Directory!


On this website you will find listings of Wine Merchants and Wine Sellers based in the UK.

The aim of this site is to give exposure to independant wine retailers who care about providing quality wines to the public and not the poor quality fare peddled by some of the major retailers.

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Latest listing


Good Wine Online
A family owned wine merchant who are passionate about their wines. They take time to source their wines from a variety of international vineyards.  They are extremely passionate about good Italian Wine, Argentinian Wine and more recently Australian Wines.

Sulphite Free Wine
The Uk's only dedicated sulphite free wine retailer! With a depth of knowledge behind them, Sulphite Free Wine only stock the best of the best, offering you wine that isn't packed full of chemicals like its supermarket alternative. 


preservative free wine

Preservative Free Wine
- If you are looking for Sulphite free wine, low sulphite wines or organic wines, then
preservativefreewine.co.uk has a wide range of specifically sourced wines to cater for all. They pride themselves on sourcing the best sulphite free wines from around the world.

Their Sulphite free wines are 'pure' with exceptional flavour, structure, and length.


natural wines

Natural Wines from The Natural Wines Shop

The Natural Wines shop specialise in wines made with little or no chemicals and technological intervention. Some traits of Natural Wine include Wine made from organically or biodynamically grown grapes. Dry farmed and handpicked. No added sugars. No foreign yeasts or bacteria. No adjustments for acidity. No additives or colour. No external flavours and minimal fining and filtration.

What Does a Wine Merchant Do?

Wine merchants are experts at many things, but ultimately, they strive to provide their customers with high-quality wine and excellent customer service. A wine merchant can be an employee at a supermarket or liquor store, or they can own their own shop or online business.

1) Grapes

As a traditional wine merchant, you’ll be charged with sourcing wines grapes from farmers and vineyards. While your supplier might have connections to these growers, it’s up to you to make sure that they meet all of your quality standards before you purchase their wine. If you sell wines that are from local vineyards, you will get to know your winemakers! They will provide insight on what kind of grapes are best for specific wine varieties. Before buying any grapes or wine, however, make sure that there is enough storage space in your warehouse. Over-purchasing can lead to spoilage as well as financial loss. You want plenty of room for storing everything so that it doesn’t go bad before it sells.


2) Vineyard

A vineyard is an area where grapes are grown, typically with fences or walls to make sure vines don’t grow too far. Vineyards are usually divided into rows of 10-15 vines, known as ranges. Rows are further divided into smaller sections called blocks which may be as little as 2 meters x 2 meters. As you might imagine, vineyards are very large in size; to give you an idea of scale, for example it's estimated that 70% of all wine in America comes from grapes grown on California vineyards covering just 350 square miles. The size of land used for growing grapes is often dictated by how much wine can be produced per acre—the higher quality wines require more space and care to make properly.


3) Tasting Room

If you are like most wine merchants, you will be better at selling wine than actually making it. Your goal is to find great wines that will sell well, then to promote those wines with passion and verve. Most merchants start their businesses by owning or managing their own tasting room, where customers can sample and purchase their wares. You'll need to develop your own network of vendors in order to source what you want when you want it. You also should pay special attention to how your customers receive your offerings; after all, while they may not be winemakers themselves, they know quality and value when they taste them.


4) Importing Wine

As one of its activities, a wine merchant imports wine from around the world for resale to customers. Depending on where you live and whether you have government-granted rights, or permits, to import wine, you may be allowed to do your own importing or may need to hire someone else. Some cities or counties also might have regulations regarding bringing in wines from certain countries and/or requiring special labelling for specific varieties of imported wines.


5) Relationships with Clients

An important part of what a wine merchant does is help clients make choices about their wines. This might mean walking you through your first purchase or helping you choose an appropriate wine for their tastes and budgets and also for a special event like wedding or Passover Seder. Another part of what I do is manage my own relationships with suppliers, winemakers, and customers—and it’s vitally important that everyone feels heard and respected in that process. If someone has questions about how something tastes, I want to answer them; if someone needs assistance opening up a bottle of wine for dinner, I’m happy to offer tips and tricks on best practices; if someone is in search of great value at an exceptional price point, I want to share my expertise so they can find it.

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