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Expert Tips for Choosing Natural Wine

We’ve all been there and done it, chosen a bottle of wine based solely on the appearance of the label. We understand that sometimes, choosing an organic, biodynamic or natural wine can be a bit like rolling the dice - so here’s some expert tips. 

Don’t Choose Style over Substance

While funky labels are a good indicator of natural-ness (many natural wine producers are pretty anti-establishment), don’t forget that many of the most traditional, classic producers are natural too.

Take Château le Puy, an estate in Bordeaux, for example. They have been organic for some 400 years and boast a host of completely natural wines. Best of all their wines are delicious.

Embrace the Tasting Adventure

Be open-minded as you may discover flavours in natural wines you have never encountered before. This is all part of the beauty of these wines. Natural wines tend to be a little bit more expensive (although this is not necessarily the case) so we tend to drink a little less but better.

Love the Cloud

Don’t let a small haze put you off, these wines are not fined or filtered and sometimes they can look a bit cloudy but think of it as wholesome wine.

This also goes for a little sediment that can be found in bottles. In fact, you might even occasionally come across tartrate crystals that have precipitated and frankly they are delicious. They taste a bit like sherbert!

Taste the Grapes

One of the most exciting things about natural producers is that they work really hard to preserve the rich viticultural heritage of indigenous grape varieties rather than plant standard international varieties (like Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon) that the large market-driven powerhouses prefer to bet their bucks on.
This means that low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wines tend to offer more diversity of taste profiles and a unique chance to taste wines made from obscure grapes.

Explore Other Fruits

Don’t get hung up on the humble grape alone. With the advent of a greater appreciation of proper, live fermentations, many grower-makers have begun to experiment with other fruit (apple, pear, plums, etc).

But, most importantly - make up your own mind - don’t worry about other people’s opinion about whether natural wine is worth it, weigh the options and decide for yourself.

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