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Why should we drink natural wine?

Natural wine isn’t just a fad that the younger generation have jumped on - it is however a philosophical choice that enables choosing the natural expression of the grapes, in the place where they were grown, and produced in the least intereferred way possible. 

The grapes used in bottles of natural wine are produced under strict guidelines, organic agriculture, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or any other synthetically manufactured products. The grape harvests are all done by hand, and during the winemaking process the winemaker strives to keep the wine alive - technical interventions that are used in order to alter the bacterial life of the wine are prohibited. 

Natural wines are much healthier than their conventional wine counterparts, they are also much more digestible as they are a more natural product - becoming a worldwide trend that should be embraced and celebrated amongst the wine community. Here are some of the best reasons to embrace the natural wine trend. 

It’s Natural

As previously stated, unlike its conventional counterparts, natural wine is made from organic or biodynamically grown grapes and almost nothing else. For example, in your regular supermarket wine - legislation allows for almost 70 additives, including; egg albumin, fish glue, sugar, gelatin and many more. 

Natural wine is beautifully produced from biodynamically or organically grown grapes which have been harvested carefully by hand, using traditional artisan techniques.

Societal Change

Behind the production of natural wine is a wider ecosystem which is going to promote sustainable agriculture, local commerce, biodynamic farming practices and a conscious consumption of the nature that surrounds the vineyard. This is a beautiful alternative to conventional winemaking - the grapes used in natural wine are able to grow without harsh chemical fertilisers in the soil, which keeps the soil healthy for years to come. 

Headache Free

You can say goodbye to those painful mornings where you wake up with a horrible hangover, driest mouth in the world and of course, the pounding headache. With natural wine, if you ever get a bit carried away and drink a little more than you’re supposed to, the absence of the added sulphites in conventional wines can help to guarantee a much more pleasant and manageable hangover. 

Labels & Names

There’s not a clear reason why the names and labels of some natural wines are so eccentric or “out-there”, perhaps it’s because they’re challenging the traditional system on both fronts, with what is inside the bottle and what’s outside too. With creative and original names being used by producers - people can even just be drawn to a name on a bottle, and a wonderful relationship with natural wine is born!

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