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An ingredient called Resveratol - found in red wine could be revolutionary

To most, wine isn’t considered “healthy” or “beneficial to health” in anyway, although in recent years, studies have come to state otherwise. From protecting the health of your heart, lowering risk of cancers and protecting you from colds, red wine has evidence of being advantageous to hoe who drink it.

Studies have emerged that an ingredient called “Resveratrol” could be revolutionary in a number of ways should more research and testing be done. There is suggesting that the ingredient could help pensioners stay ‘steady on their feet’ for longer, as their bone strength could be increased. The study suggested that with further development of resveratrol and intake methods, pensioners could be sturdier on their feet- and consequently suffer fewer falls, and recovery times.

In tests, older, frail mice were given the plant chemical for a few weeks, which soon led to them becoming livelier and more able in terms of mobility and activity. This has lead researchers to believe that the same effect could be mimicked into humans, although it has been recognised that it is not as simple. It is also considered that rather than strengthening bones or muscles, studies on cells suggest that the actual improvement with the mice was that its ailing brain cells were able to survive longer.

Researchers are now trying to discover ways that the experiments could work for humans at a larger scale, although they have recognised that it would take hundreds of glasses of wine a day to get the same effect, meaning you’re probably better off giving it a miss for now! While there are medicines available for those who need to improve balance and co-ordination, there is nothing for those pensioners that are healthy, but are aware of the dangers associated with old age. A medicine developed from this red wine ingredient could be extremely beneficial.

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