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A Good Argentinian Wine - Malbec

As the popularity of the Argentinian Red Wine, Malbec and other wine varieties from Argentina are rising, unfortunately, there are a few companies taking advantage of this and producing wines of the back of the rising popularity and reputation that Argentina wine has created for itself in the past few years.

Malbec is a grape used to create red wine varieties and was initially popular in the south region of France. This is where we saw it being blended with other red grapes to produce a Bordeaux or Claret. As the Malbec grape needs a lot of sunshine for it to fully ripen to create a full-bodied wine, the production of Malbec wine in France slowly declined. Unfortunately, France is unable to maintain the conditions in which the grape needs to grow.

Argentina Malbec has grown in popularity due to its climate conditions. Malbec is being grown in around 20,000 hectares of land around Argentina. Argentina is perfect for growing Malbec as nearly all of its wine growing regions are at an altitude while being protected from the rainfall from the Andes. Argentina is able to provide the grape with around 320 days of sunshine a year, which is exactly what the grape needs to ripen perfectly.

Today Argentina produces some of the best Argentina Malbec and other Argentina grape blended wines. But you need to be careful when selecting your Argentina Malbec because of the companies who are producing wines on the back of the countries rising wine reputation. Here are some of our favourite Argentina Malbecs:

Eral Bravo Malbec a brand new name from a family in Mendoza which have been producing wine for 30 years. This wine is very impressive.

NQN Malma Colleccion Malbec is another more expensive wine from a boutique winery. This is an exceptional Argentina Malbec from Patagonia.

Susana Balbo Malbec is the wine that Susana Balbo is most famous for. She is one of Argentina’s most innovative wine producers. She has been making Argentinian wine for the last 25 years and this is her most famous.

These Argentina Malbecs are sure to impress you.

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