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IMAGE What is in Your Glass Natural Wines Background
The term “natural wine” is beloved by all those in the natural wine making community. This is due to the term being true to the natural wine making process; naturally fermented wines, grown completely free from any form of chemical interference or unnecessary additions. But more importantly, nothing has been taken away from the wine. Many natural wines claim to be free from sulphites; ...
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IMAGE Discovering the Benefits of Natural Wine
It would seem that more and more wine drinks are taking notice of the incredible benefits that comes in a glass of natural wine. Natural, organic and biodynamic wines are flying off the shelves, proving themselves as a superior choice for those who are conscious about what goes into their body. But shouldn’t we all be? Let’s look further into exactly why natural wines are becoming so p...
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IMAGE How has Bordeaux wine survived amidst competition?
For decades, UK wine enthusiasts were sold overpriced, mediocre Bordeaux wines by gentlemen that ‘look the part’. In the 70s and 80s, anyone who held an interest in wine was targeted by retails, who over time managed to develop reputations for ‘selling fine wines’.
Then came the 90s, where investors got increasingly involved, leading it to become an overpriced commod...
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IMAGE A Good Argentinian Wine - Malbec
As the popularity of the Argentinian Red Wine, Malbec and other wine varieties from Argentina are rising, unfortunately, there are a few companies taking advantage of this and producing wines of the back of the rising popularity and reputation that Argentina wine has created for itself in the past few years.Malbec is a grape used to create red wine varieties and was initially popular in the south ...
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IMAGE Sulphite Free, Natural and Organic Wine
Who doesn’t enjoy a large glass of wine every once in a while? Whilst many of us has heard that sulphite free wine in particular, carries many health benefits - we don't often know how bad supermarket and factory produced wine can be very bad for us. 
Did you know that the majority of French Wines Contain Pesticides? Most vineyards will use pesticides to repel bugs and pests that...
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